Women’s Right to Safety

You might have heard about dating stories that have gone wrong. What was supposed to be a pleasant encounter and regular date turns out to be a horror story.

Sadly, on cases like this, it is always the women who are on the losing end. It’s always the women who end up getting into trouble.

With the breakthrough of various dating apps and modern dating methods, it’s easy to understand why a lot of people fall for them.

Aside from the fun elements and convenience in meeting new people, these alternative dating solutions are also easily accessible.

All it takes is a smart phone and internet connection to get into the system. Sadly, a lot of users take advantage of this technology and use dating apps to harm and violate women.

Online dating methods are fun and engaging. However, they should not inflict harm and risks towards women.

Recently, news had spread in Aitkin, Minnesota about a 34-year old man who was charged with second-degree murder for allegedly strangling his date, a 35-year old woman to death.

They met through a dating app and said to have engaged in sexual activities. Suspicions started to unfold based on the exchange of messages between the two which the woman’s friends have discovered later on.

Upon examination of the woman’s body, the cause of death was found to be homicide by asphyxia due to manual strangulation.

Women’s Right to Safety When Dating

We cannot reiterate enough just how important it is for women to learn how to look after themselves. A lot of people in our midst are not exactly what they seem to be.

It’s hard to judge the character of strangers around us which makes dating quite challenging and risky to some extent.

Still, no single woman deserves to die or to get hurt for attempting to find love and relationship. And in any case that a woman decides to stop seeing someone, she doesn’t deserve to be blamed for her choices and decisions as well.

Just as long as there is no commitment involved, a woman has every right to move on and to pursue her own happiness.

Dating is supposed to be fun and safe for women. They should be free to pursue their happiness in any way they can.

Dating is supposed to be fun, safe and encouraging for women. The process should not, in any way, put a woman’s life on the line. Nobody deserves to suffer the consequences of an unsuccessful date or failed relationship.

And if demanding respect from men is too much, the least they could do is to allow us women to step out with our dignity still intact.

Advice to Women on Rights to Safety

Dating apps and dating sites may be fun and engaging. However, make it a point to practice extra caution before agreeing to meet up with a guy. There is no 100% chance that you’ll meet up with a good guy and the odds of meeting a bad guy are just the same.

Therefore, it’s best to be on the safe side of things. Here are some tips when going out on a date with someone you really don’t know personally;

  1. Meet up in a public place where there are lots of people
  2. Bring a friend to look after you
  3. Don’t agree to go some place “private”
  4. Take note of your date’s gestures and actions
  5. Trust your gut feel. If something feels odd, chances are that something’s not right.
  6. Politely end the date and excuse yourself if you don’t feel comfortable
  7. Be mindful about what you share about yourself like your family life and past relationships
  8. Don’t disclose personal information like your work and home address
  9. Don’t agree to get intimate on your first few dates
  10. Keep your conversations casual, friendly and wholesome
Going out on a date with someone you don’t know has some risks which is why it is important to practice caution.

There is no way you can be certain about your safety when going out on a date with a stranger. Dating a stranger is risky business. Still, this should not impose any limitations on your right to explore and meet other people.

As a woman, you are free to make choices and decision when it comes to your personal life. However, it is just as important to practice caution at all times to preserve your rights to safety.