Women Dating Advices: Empowerment and Relationships

We live in a world dominated by various cultures and beliefs. Some follow the modern way of life while others choose to preserve their tradition.

Whether you choose to live by the latest trends or to stay on the conservative side, it should always be your own personal choice.

As long as you maintain your individuality as a person and just as long as you’re happy, nobody has the right to question how you live your life.

Modern women nowadays are allowed by the society to make choices for themselves.

And on that note, we welcome all our female (and male) readers and followers to annavonhausswolff.org. Allow us to introduce ourselves.

We are a team of female activists that promote women’s empowerment in the aspect of dating and relationships. In line with this, we’re going to explore these subjects and how they affect modern women.

Our objective is to spread awareness about the rights and entitlements of women in this fast-paced and ever-changing generation. Allow us to walk you through.

Women and Dating

Women have different upbringings. Some were raised in a culture and familial tradition were dating was forbidden and controlled by their elders.

And then there are some who are well-exposed to the subject with some dating rules while growing up. Still, for others, dating is based on how they understand its concept.

Needless to say, not everyone would agree on a certain norm when it comes to dating. It’s a very broad subject that can draw a lot of personal insights and opinions, particularly from women.

After all, not everyone has the capacity to determine exactly what they can offer and how much they are willing to invest in love and relationship.

Women nowadays are more exposed to dating. They are free to explore their options and to do the trial-and-error process in finding romance.

Therefore, dating is a trial-and-error process. It is the stage wherein a woman can decide whether the person she’s dating is someone she can connect with.

Dating does not necessarily pertain to a relationship. It is just one aspect of it, or an essential element that determines if a relationship is or “is still” viable.

How Dating Can Empower Women

There is nothing more empowering than knowing exactly what we want in life and having the means to achieve it. That includes dating.

Yes, as women, we have every right to choose who is right for us. We are entitled to make our own choices about who to go out with, who we can trust, and who deserves our time.

By tradition, we must stay on the sidelines and wait for the man to approach us and make the first move. How can we have a sense of empowerment if we won’t learn how to take control?

Aren’t we all individuals with certain wants and desires regardless of gender? Empower yourself by taking control of your dating life.

Modern women are bolder and more confident. They know what they want and the means to achieve them.

Taking this into account, we’re not advising women to chase after men and to be on the aggressive side of things.

What we’re implying is that; women must be confident and bold enough to give subtle hints, to make the first moves, or at least, to set things in motion – whichever works!

Learning the art of delicate flirting can be a game-changer that can possibly draw men into your dating life.

Seating still while waiting will not give us what we want. In this modern age, we cannot expect everything to be served to us just the way we want it. And it’s not right to settle with what’s available or with what’s left for us.

Empowerment means pursuing what you want in life whether it’s about dating or making career choices.

If we know what we want and what we truly deserve, we should be determined enough to get it without settling for less. And in the process, we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that we’re women who deserve respect, happiness, and the right treatment in every way.

Top 6 Dating Tips for Women

In our commitment to give you the best dating tips in order to feel empowered, we interviewed a handful of modern women to ask for some advice.

We wanted to give you not just tips but rather “principles” that you can live by. We’ve summarized their inputs and developed our top 6 dating tips to empower women.

Developing a good set of standards for yourself can help you understand your worth as a woman.

1. Develop a Good Set of Standards

Define your ideal date? Who is your ideal man? What qualities are you looking for in a relationship? It is important for you to develop a set of standards that are both realistic and attainable.

A good set of standards can help you identify the kind of date that you deserve and the type of man who can make you happy.

2. Be Bold and Confident

Who said that men always have to do the first move? Perhaps if you’re following certain traditions, yes. However, we live in a modern world wherein we can be free to express ourselves and to go after what we want.

So don’t be afraid to be bold and confident – make the first move, explore dating apps and call the chat lines, be the first to text or to chat with a guy, invite your crush to be your friend on social media, follow his social media accounts and feel good about yourself.

Confidence is all it takes to have a sense of empowerment.

Be yourself and develop your best traits. Don’t try to conform to the standards of the society. Instead, strive to become a better person.

3. Develop Your Best Qualities

Don’t be pretentious, and don’t try to change yourself to conform to the needs of others or to meet the standards of society. You are unique and you’re awesome just the way you are.

If you’ll ever change, do it for yourself and not for others – and all for the right reasons. And as much as you can, develop a better version of yourself – kinder, more compassionate, and more receptive to the needs of others.

We believe that good people draw good people as well into their lives. So be yourself and develop your best qualities.

4. Be Free to Explore Your Sexuality

Dating does not only refer to physical dates. Therefore, you don’t have to wait for one in order to have the means to explore your sexuality.

There are other ways to celebrate being a woman such as flirting and having sensual conversations anonymously over the phone with other men.

You can do this by simply calling the chatline numbers and engaging in adult interactions safely without exposing yourself. Most chat lines are free for women which only means that we can have phone dates whenever we want.

Explore your sexuality by calling the chat lines. Phone dating and social interaction can help you develop your confidence as a woman.

5. Choose Happy Additions Into Your Life

Be selective of the people that you allow into your life. If something feels off, there is a good reason why you feel that way. Therefore, choose people who can infuse a lot of happiness, positivity, and learning into your life.

Stay away from negative people that cause you to stress and drive you towards unhealthy habits. Do you know what they say about women? That we have been gifted with the ability to sense whenever something feels odd about a person. Trust the vibes that you get because energy doesn’t lie.

6. Be Happy on Your Own

You can’t be happy with anyone if you can’t be happy on your own. To develop the kind of self-love that would allow you to feel complete even when you’re not in a relationship.

Treat yourself to a spa, go on a blind date, buy a sexy dress and a pair of high heels. If you can’t afford luxury bags, buy discounted Fendi handbags to get stylish.

There are many ways to practice self-love and the thing is that it is always possible for you to be happy even when you’re on your own.

Spend time on your own, enrich your mind and be happy. Appreciating yourself can help you develop the highest form of self-love.

Know Your Worth to Feel Empowered

Remember, empowered women are driven by their wants, needs, and desires. Therefore, it is important for you to determine these things first to set your direction.

Our goal is to help you avoid chasing the wrong things and to stop you from knocking on the wrong door. So, know yourself and your worth as a person.

Figure out what you deserve in life and in your relationships. Only then will you be able to develop a sense of empowerment that can make you unstoppable in achieving what you want.