Why Freedom to Make Choices is Important for Women

Having the freedom to make choices can be empowering for women. In modern and highly-developed countries, women are free to pursue the life they want.

They have access to good job opportunities and they can choose whether to get married or to stay single. They can flirt with other guys, go out on dates and explore modern dating methods.

And, this makes it possible for them to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Freedom to make choices also allows women to make valuable contributions to the society and to pursue a political career. This enables them to make new experiences and to achieve what they want in life while maximizing their potentials.

In modern and highly-developed countries, women are free to make their own choices and to pursue the career they want.

Not All Women are Free to Make Choices

We cannot deny the fact that every day presents us with a multitude of choices that we tend to take for granted or not take seriously.

Should we wear white or red; high heels or low heels; pasta or pizza? These are just some of the trivial choices we sometimes have to make on a daily basis which we sometimes complain about.

We don’t even realize that in other parts of the world, females are suffering from unjust treatments and are experiencing abuse.

In some impoverished countries, females don’t have choice in life. One example is Bangladesh wherein child marriages still persist and innocence is taken away from young girls.

Another is Cambodia wherein powerful and rich men convince poor and desperate mothers into selling their daughters’ virginity. It is a shocking trade wherein girls are seen as commodities.

In some parts of India, it is still the parents who choose who their daughter is going to marry. And in some countries in the Middle East, “arranged marriages” remain to be a tradition and women marry men that their families choose for them.

In other parts of the world, gender equality is a far cry from reality.

In some poor and developing countries, women are confined to domestic work. They are not allowed to pursue education or to take part in political matters.

Feminists are indeed facing a lot of challenges in their battle for women’s freedom to make their own choices. Some traditions and cultures are just too hard to break.

Human rights advocates are working hard to save a lot of women from unjust practices, domestic violence and abuse. However, they still have a long way to go in addressing such worldwide concerns.

Freedom to Make Choices: How It Can Help Shape Our Lives

For some of us who are lucky enough to live in the modern world, we should not take freedom for granted. The choices we make, even the minor ones, can actually help in shaping our identities and in empowering us.

Try to picture your life without all those choices. Imagine eating only what you can find, sleeping only when there’s shelter, not having enough clothes to wear and being forced to marry someone against your will. How are you going to survive a life like that?

Freedom to make choices can shape the character of women in the society. It enables them to make valuable contributions and to live a happier and healthier life.

Studies reveal that feelings of powerlessness and helplessness can lead to anxiety and depression. In fact, there is an interesting link between choice and empowerment.

The researchers found proof to what has long been suspected. Having more choices can counterbalance feelings of helplessness. This can, in turn, improve one’s psychological well-being.

Therefore, freedom to make choices and allowing women to have a sense of control over their lives can help them improve the quality of their lives and can be elemental to their over-all empowerment.