Freedom from Racial Bias and How it Contributes to Women Empowerment

Racial bias exists everywhere but we may not always be aware of it. Still, developing awareness with the way people feel about it and behave toward those outside their own group can help us be more sensitive about the subject.

This only means that if as a woman you’ve felt a hint of racial bias from anyone, you have every right to stand up against it or to walk away from the people who express it. You have the freedom to make a choice on how to deal with it.

Learn to walk away from people who express racial bias. You deserve to pursue your freedom and happiness. Those people who discriminate you don’t deserve a spot in your life.

Racial Bias in Dating

You might have come across dating apps and websites that feature profiles of members that prevent certain races, religions or cultures from contacting them.

While other members can report these members outright for being discriminatory, it cannot be denied that such behavior can be discouraging and offensive.

Just the same, such situations should not cause women to lose their confidence or to feel less about themselves. It is not their fault that some people have a rude and distasteful way of expressing their preferences.

Acts of discrimination are offensive and discouraging. People are created equal regardless of race, color and ethnicity.

Racial Bias in Relationships

Inter-racial relationships are very common nowadays. While they can be blissful during the early stages, conflicting views are bound to happen at any point in the relationship.

This can be problematic for most couples because factors such as communication barriers and cultural differences are quite hard to mange.

Women are usually the ones who are affected because by social norm, they are regarded as the weaker sex and the submissive types.

Thus, they eventually become victims of domestic violence. Despite feminists’ efforts to uplift women in the society and fight for equality, women are still the ones who are prone to suffer the consequences of racial bias in relationships.

Racial bias is a persistent global issue. However, you don’t have to show up to every argument. Learn to appreciate yourself and establish your own principles.

How to Deal with Racial Bias

One thing that you have to understand though is that you don’t have to show up to every battle you’re invited to. Some people are just not worth your time – especially if they’re openly expressing their biases against some races and religions.

So learn how to choose your battles wisely because you can always walk away from the ones that are not worthy of your time, intellect and effort.

Walking away doesn’t mean that you’re allowing people to put you down. It also doesn’t mean that you’re allowing your race or your culture to be sabotaged by others who think that they’re much privileged just because they’re in a better position.

It’s not that way.

Your have to understand that walking away could only mean that you don’t deserve such crowd and such people with narrow beliefs and perceptions about humanity.

You’re special and you cannot be defined by anyone based on the color of your skin, the language that you speak, where you came from or what you eat for breakfast.

So learn to turn your back from these people without wasting any amount of your precious energy for argument.

Keep reminding yourself that diamonds are not meant to be mixed with stones. So know your worth and just stay away from people who don’t deserve your presence.

People who express racial bias and think “highly” of themselves have nowhere else to go but down. Therefore, condemning racial biases doesn’t always equate to arguments and endless debates. If you know who you are, you’ll know how to choose your battles wisely.